Alta Mesa Holdings (AMH) is one of our most recent success stories.  Brought in at the request of an office brokerage and project management firm in efforts to provide AMH a complete project team, we were originally tasked with generating a viable test fit (space plan) for 42,000 square feet of first generation office space.  Where several other firms fell short, we were able to quickly and succinctly understand their needs and present a concept that not only provided the most efficient use of the space but took into consideration, their corporate culture and identified the direction that Alta Mesa needed to grow.  After reviewing their previous facility program which only took into consideration office space needs, we added several layers of depth and character to their program and upon completion; we decided to make a bold proposal. 

Our proposal recommended an open plan, glassed office fronts and low-height interior office spaces with as few obstructions as possible that created several key components that formed our concept.  These proposed ideas were a major departure from their former office space.  They allowed natural light to penetrate deep into the office space and unobstructed views from the core of the space out to all sides of the building for staff working. This was a drastic change from their former traditional office setting which was an outer ring of closed offices that blocked all views from interior spaces to the outside. 

Alta Mesa realized the openness and opportunities of this bold suggestion and retained us on as their design architect to develop the design of their new corporate headquarters and implementation of our original concept. We worked closely with a group from five to seven AMH representatives from their internal divisions to organize their five distinct divisions with varying sets of needs over the full floor of the office building. Our design embodied cohesion, underscored and enhanced their culture and created a fresh corporate identity to their office space that can be expanded and implemented for as this energetic and growing company.