Located in the flood-prone Meyerland subdivision of Houston, this new home is designed to survive Hurricane Harvey level flooding.  With the flood plain nearly three feet above natural grade, we established the first floor of this new residence 5'-6" above grade which is over 2'-6" above the 100 year flood plain, and 1'-6" above the highest recorded flood level during Harvey.  Given the challenges of building in the flood plain, one of the most apparent issues is that of vertical circulation and how to minimize the visual impact of the sheer number of steps needed to get to the front door from the street or to the first floor from the garage. 

In this particular project, we opted to create an extended patio with elevated planters whereby an "L" shaped series of steps wraps around the planter.  Therefore one only can immediately see that there are only three steps from the sidewalk and the remaining six actually rise behind the planter to the landing at the front door.  Large overhangs and the opening of the house front to back with a portal enclosed almost entirely of glass gives the interiors tons of light and connects the home owners to their outdoor living spaces.