The first question from the home owner:  "I love your designs, but if I hire you, will you do something completely different?”  This set the stage for a wonderfully challenging design problem on a very challenging lot. 

Carved from a larger property, this residual land is at a converging corner of one of Houston's largest bayou's and a tributary bayou.  Houston is known for it's flat properties but this one changes over 45 feet from front to back property lines - drastic for us flat-lander's.  The property lines themselves are anything but regular with over 40 bearing points defining an extremely unique shape.  The setbacks and "preserve" along the bayou restrict the buildable area to about 4,000 square feet and the house program calls for over 8,000 square feet.  Further complicating matters, the house is not in the flood plain but, there is a base flood elevation that further restricts our use of the land.  Our design solution was simple… discard the regular, grid-based design approach in both the horizontal and vertical planes and allow space to flow irregularly into and out of the other as needed without following any normal convention. 

The goal is to allow spaces to be created from association with overlapping volumes that respond directly to the irregularities of the property.  What has evolved is a design that firmly resolves the house program, capitalizes on the vantage of the site, works seamlessly with the erratic setbacks and topography of the site, and provides an extremely dynamic home for this young, growing family of seven.

* Project is set to begin 2018