The Bravais is an exploration of the relationship between location, topography, form and material. Utilizing a design strategy of merging and overlapping volumes, this 8,550 square foot, 7-bedroom home mirror the unique bayou-ravine grounds in a meeting between geometry and geography. Formed from fourteen folded planes, The Bravais rises like a sculpture where materials including metal, concrete, stone, wood, and steel juxtapose and work to create and imply spacial divisions.

The Story Behind the Name

Nineteenth century physicist Auguste Bravais is most well-known for his work in crystallography. In 1805, he classified the structural compositions of crystals to create what is today known as Bravais Lattices. The Bravais Lattices are a series of 14 possible three-dimensional configurations used to describe the orderly arrangement of atoms within crystalline structures.

The Bravais is composed of fourteen unique folds which combine to create volumes of varied elements - stone, metal, cement, and wood. The 14 folds create the geometries of the house. Instead of a traditional roof, the faces of The Bravais fold over in monolithic volumes.

* Project is set to begin 2019